A Thrilling Adventure Awaits on the Diamondback Trail

Diamondback Trail at the Alpine Inn

Picture yourself riding through the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Mountains, with breathtaking mountain views at every turn.
One of the top attractions near the Alpine Inn is the Diamondback Trail. This legendary trail of 12 miles and 200 curves is known for its unique features that will surely keep you entertained for hours!

Taking on the Diamondback Trail

The first five miles of the Diamondback Trail are considered a warmup before motorists hit its more technical sections. As you take in the stunning views of the mountains, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings as well! The trail is home to wildlife like elk, deer, and bear – so make sure to practice safe driving if you don’t want an up-close encounter with them.
Steep Climbs and Tight Curves!
The Diamondback Trail offers some of the most spectacular views in North Carolina. At 38 miles long, this diamond-shaped loop takes you on four unique roads that each offer something special. Starting and ending with NC 226A, the other two roads, US 221 and Toms Creek Road provide a great change of pace while still allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the state. The final road, NC 80, and the Blue Ridge Parkway come together to create an enormous blend of sights and benefits for motorists and motorcyclists that take on this journey. If you want an adventure that offers challenges and rewards in equal measure, then the Diamondback Trail should be at the top of your list.

Come Stay with Us

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About Us

The Alpine Inn is the perfect destination for visitors who have just experienced a thrilling adventure and are looking for restful accommodation with stunning mountain views. It doesn’t matter if you were the driver or the passenger, reliving your experience over a fire is going to be unforgettable. Each of our twelve charming rooms has a private bathroom and satellite wifi access. Experience the embodiment of rustic repose at Alpine Inn.